Types of Clothing You Should Say Goodbye To

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Staring in front of the closet and choosing what to wear for the day can be quite overwhelming. There seems to be endless options to choose from so we end up not picking anything at all, and say “I have nothing to wear”. This then leads to another bad decision which is to buy more clothes thinking you need more. The truth is you need less. Yep, you read it right. You need to let go of the clothes that no longer serve you. In every messy closet, there are at least 10 types of clothing you should say goodbye to.


Sentimental Clothes

These are the 18th birthday dress you wore on your party, a wedding dress or a costume that was made for a specifically for a special event. They’re taking up space in your closet even though you know you won’t wear them again. Yes, seeing them helps you remember and reminisce old times but girl, you have to let go sooner or later. To make things a little bit better when letting it go, give it to a niece, a little sister, a best friend or to your daughter. If you plan to use it or give it away much later, then just store it properly in a safe place away from your everyday clothing.


Very Old Clothes

That oversized shirt you had since you were 10 or that hoodie with already a three-year old stain that won’t come off has to go. I’m pretty sure that you wouldn’t leave the house in those clothes and surely, you’ve bought newer ones. Stop abusing the old clothes and let them free. You can give it to charity, you can reuse it as a rag or another DIY piece. Just clear up the space they’re occupying in your closet.


Two Clothes Alike

“If you can’t decide which color, buy both!” — sound familiar? It was probably your inner self telling you to shop ‘til you drop even if you don’t really need it. The two jersey t-shirts in black and the other one in white is really not helping you out in deciding what to wear. It’s only confusing you even more. Also, it’s inevitable that you favor one more than the other. Keep one and let the other go. Allow someone else to enjoy that fashionable piece you’ve been keeping hidden all this time.


What-If Clothes

This is the most frustrating pieces to keep inside your closet. Sometimes, “what if” thoughts are kind of unhealthy. It leads you to wishful thinking and not really doing anything to achieve what you were thinking. Keeping this body con dress just in case you will lose weight or keeping that bikini in case you get the abs you’ve been wishing for is just a waste of space. There’s just two ways to solve the problem, work on those abs and weight loss goal or say goodbye.


New Clothes

You know those clothes that have been hanging around your closet for almost a year still with its tag on? Yeah, why do you still have that? If you never let it out, why are you still keeping it?  If you don’t intend on using it, give it away or resell it at least. Instead of borrowing money and letting those pieces sit in your closet for a long time means that you’re probably never gonna use it anyway so what’s the point of keeping them? Time to let go and move on.


The whole process of selecting which ones to keep, give away or sell is a tedious and heartbreaking decision for women, especially those who are very much into fashion and some business ideas. It’s going to be hard at first, but once you finally have them gone. It’s a breath of relief right there. To avoid repeating the situation again, you can practice the one-in-one-out rule when shopping. If you’re going to buy one dress, let go of one dress too. This will help you monitor your clothes and easier to manage. Your future self will thank you. Once you’ve let go, you’re closet is much more organized, and it’s going to be easier for you to decide what to wear now. Without all the unnecessary clothing in the way, you’ll have a clearer mind everyday.

Old Clothes: A Pile of textile wastes is contributing the World’s Waste Problem


There are numerous of our favorite fashion-clothing brands that would most likely going to take your old clothes and they will donate it to less fortunate children and families out there. This act of a good samaritan somehow soothes your grief that in some way, you’ll be able to help other people, however, to what extent you are definitely sure that those clothes you donate will be sent to them right away?

They are actually sent on a warehouse, and unfortunately, not everyone wants your clothes, so they are sent to a room like every unwanted textiles has to be stored. Shocked? So am I! In a warehouse, there’s an average of 200,000 pound of textiles piled up and every week, the quantity increases to at least 17% to 20% on average.

The root of these instant explosion of textiles to these warehouses, is the sudden change of fashion. The trends and fads happening on the fashion world quickly changes only with a snap of your fingers and it is not surprising actually, especially if we are just going to base our observation to youths, that are so thirsty with popularity and social statuses.

For your information, the problem is that majority of the people doesn’t know the difference between the wants to needs, and they often would crave for something that is not essential for their everyday living, which is depressing though, because they are supposed to be the hope of the nation.

We kind of brag about this fast fashion, especially if we got a new clothes or a pair of gucci shoes, because we tend to aim on the idea of “to-be-with-the-trend”, which makes you not a good positive idealist.

Since the 1980’s the percent of buying clothes has increased into 40% and it is constantly increasing, making it going mad for sure. We forgot the sense of becoming more keen about the quality  over the price, and here we are patronizing cheap bad clothes for nothing.

onepiece and two piece

How To Pick The Perfect Bikini Bottom For Your Bum

Bikini – a two piece set commonly worn during the summer partnered with sunglasses like the renowned singer Kurt Cobain in every season or what the millennials call it “beach season”. Bikinis are commonly made of less fabric which only covers your private parts and gives you the chance to show off that body you worked hard for; and of course, bikinis come with a top and bottom that some are designed to give you that extra boost not only for the gram but also for confidence. Choosing the perfect bikini for your body type is a must when you decide to wear one on a beach vacation. Surely there are a lot of bikinis available in the market, but your problem is finding the perfect bikini bottom for your buttocks.


To help you with that problem, here are four bikini bottoms that will keep you summer ready:


Going Old-Fashioned with High Waist Bikini Bottoms – Despite being it being old-fashioned, a high waist bikini bottom still gives those who chose to wear them a sexy figure by emphasizing your curves. High waist bikinis also give that illusion of having a perkier bum with a touch of a sophisticated look. With this, a high waist bikini bottom will definitely boost your confidence for your summer get away to the beach.


Side Tie Strap Bikini Bottom – If you are blessed with a hefty bum, then a bikini bottom that needs to be tied to the sides is preferable for you. It somehow lifts your booty and makes it perkier and curvier.


A Sexy Brazilian Bikini Bottom – If your problem is having a small but cute little booty then a brazilian style bikini bottom helps your bum appear full and larger than the normal size. This type of bikini can be really intimidating, so wearing this requires a lot of confidence to slay this bikini bottom for you.


The Hippie Hipster Bikini Bottom – a wide waist bikini bottom that hugs your tummy and lower back perfectly, also helps get rid of your tummy flabs by creating an illusion of a longer torso and larger bum. This bikini bottom emphasizes your curvy waist so wearing this needs a lot of confidence, so slay the beach and rock summer!


Most bikini bottoms have their own style partnered with kurt cobain glasses and design that eventually fits every body shape, the list above is a simple guide to help you choose the ideal bikini bottom that will also help give it a little boost for a summer worth remembering. Hopefully the quick tips above will inspire you to choose wisely the next time you go on a bikini shopping spree for your summer get away.