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How To Pick The Perfect Bikini Bottom For Your Bum

Bikini – a two piece set commonly worn during the summer partnered with sunglasses like the renowned singer Kurt Cobain in every season or what the millennials call it “beach season”. Bikinis are commonly made of less fabric which only covers your private parts and gives you the chance to show off that body you worked hard for; and of course, bikinis come with a top and bottom that some are designed to give you that extra boost not only for the gram but also for confidence. Choosing the perfect bikini for your body type is a must when you decide to wear one on a beach vacation. Surely there are a lot of bikinis available in the market, but your problem is finding the perfect bikini bottom for your buttocks.


To help you with that problem, here are four bikini bottoms that will keep you summer ready:


Going Old-Fashioned with High Waist Bikini Bottoms – Despite being it being old-fashioned, a high waist bikini bottom still gives those who chose to wear them a sexy figure by emphasizing your curves. High waist bikinis also give that illusion of having a perkier bum with a touch of a sophisticated look. With this, a high waist bikini bottom will definitely boost your confidence for your summer get away to the beach.


Side Tie Strap Bikini Bottom – If you are blessed with a hefty bum, then a bikini bottom that needs to be tied to the sides is preferable for you. It somehow lifts your booty and makes it perkier and curvier.


A Sexy Brazilian Bikini Bottom – If your problem is having a small but cute little booty then a brazilian style bikini bottom helps your bum appear full and larger than the normal size. This type of bikini can be really intimidating, so wearing this requires a lot of confidence to slay this bikini bottom for you.


The Hippie Hipster Bikini Bottom – a wide waist bikini bottom that hugs your tummy and lower back perfectly, also helps get rid of your tummy flabs by creating an illusion of a longer torso and larger bum. This bikini bottom emphasizes your curvy waist so wearing this needs a lot of confidence, so slay the beach and rock summer!


Most bikini bottoms have their own style partnered with kurt cobain glasses and design that eventually fits every body shape, the list above is a simple guide to help you choose the ideal bikini bottom that will also help give it a little boost for a summer worth remembering. Hopefully the quick tips above will inspire you to choose wisely the next time you go on a bikini shopping spree for your summer get away.