Old Clothes: A Pile of textile wastes is contributing the World’s Waste Problem


There are numerous of our favorite fashion-clothing brands that would most likely going to take your old clothes and they will donate it to less fortunate children and families out there. This act of a good samaritan somehow soothes your grief that in some way, you’ll be able to help other people, however, to what extent you are definitely sure that those clothes you donate will be sent to them right away?

They are actually sent on a warehouse, and unfortunately, not everyone wants your clothes, so they are sent to a room like every unwanted textiles has to be stored. Shocked? So am I! In a warehouse, there’s an average of 200,000 pound of textiles piled up and every week, the quantity increases to at least 17% to 20% on average.

The root of these instant explosion of textiles to these warehouses, is the sudden change of fashion. The trends and fads happening on the fashion world quickly changes only with a snap of your fingers and it is not surprising actually, especially if we are just going to base our observation to youths, that are so thirsty with popularity and social statuses.

For your information, the problem is that majority of the people doesn’t know the difference between the wants to needs, and they often would crave for something that is not essential for their everyday living, which is depressing though, because they are supposed to be the hope of the nation.

We kind of brag about this fast fashion, especially if we got a new clothes or a pair of gucci shoes, because we tend to aim on the idea of “to-be-with-the-trend”, which makes you not a good positive idealist.

Since the 1980’s the percent of buying clothes has increased into 40% and it is constantly increasing, making it going mad for sure. We forgot the sense of becoming more keen about the quality  over the price, and here we are patronizing cheap bad clothes for nothing.